Tuesday, May 29, 2012

April Catch Up!!

And now for our April update!!  A few more egg hunts (see below for more on Easter!)

 Spring Break - Kings Dominion trip (Kyle is now tall enough to ride the Ghoster Coaster w/o us! and Riley is riding just about everything)

 Petting zoo at the mall!
Sleeping children - love it!

 Our Daisys went to Bear Creek Lake Park in the rain and planted trees and learned about water and bugs!  They were such troopers and we all had a blast!

Easter was a blast! egg hunts out back, loads of candy and we had lunch with the ENTIRE family at the Omni (Justin's parents plus all of us) and guess what??? Darcy and Justin are having a baby!! YEAAA!!

T-ball has begun and Kyle LOVES playing!!  He is really picking up the game fast and is stopping balls and making outs! 

 We also went to the zoo with Riley 1st grade class!

March 2012 - catch up!

Happy March (even though it is May:-(  I'm behind!!)  There is no way to catch up other than through pictures!!

Our annual St. Patties day festival in the KC-hood was a blast as always!!  This year Rosie Souls and the Rock n Roll Cowboys played and everyone, including the kids LOVED it!!  Below are pix of the newest fans:-)

Riley also started playing guitar!  She is really picking is up fast!

Those tricky little leprechauns visited the house again this year!  You can see feet prints on the window and what a mess they made of the kitchen!

This year Riley school moved field day from June to March - this time it was actually cold!  We just can't win but the kids had a blast!
 It is hard to believe, but that is Riley actually participating in group games!!  She is coming out of her shell:-)

We brought the girls to a Manners Tea for Daisys - adorable!

 Our 4th annual Grace Easter Egg hunt was at the end of March - another beautiful day!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy, Happy Valentines Day!

 Happy Valentines day!!  Both kids celebrated hard today at school, then playgroup, then dinner at Red Robin - whew, early bed time for two sugar filled kids (with colds!)
Riley came home with this AWESOME valentine for us... love that girl!!  My favorite part is how thoughtful she is (there is a second page too!) but my 2nd favorite part is how she spells special - "spshel"  - I hope she doesn't have her mama's spelling skills!!
We are sooo behind on events and fun!  Back in December, we took the kids to a special Keller Williams Kids show!  it was GREAT!  There was a drum circle before the show and the kids pounded away - Riley did a great job following the drum leader!

 This is Kyle watching Keller! so cute!

And of course there was new years!  We had a fun kid celebration with lots of noise and bubble wrap - kids were in bed before midnight and we rang the new year in with a bunch of great friends! 
At the end of February we went to Wintergreen with the Bests, Hollers, Lamberts, and Gills - such fun!!  The kids got to ski and tube and hang out with 8 other friends and then the kids went home and the adults got to ski and relax!

In person, this sky was amazing!  Riley had me take a pix so she could color it later:-)

 It is now February but the weather has been so mild!  We've spent a lot of time at the park!

 Had to throw this one in - Ri and her friend Caroline creating their word wall words out of cookies! Yumm!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all!!  What a day!!  It started by everyone sleeping in!  In fact, I was the first awake at 7:30!  Yes, 7:30!!  When your kids have gotten up at 6am for years upon years, 7:30, especially on Christmas morning, feels like noon!  The kids patiently waited for daddy to make sure Santa had already left the building and then they charged!  (see blurred pic below)

For the last couple years, Santa has left a little gift at each childs door in the morning - what a happy surprise!  Both kids received new clothes for their build-a-bears (pjs, fluffy vest/boots and a spiderman costume).
 Demo time!
 Stocking time - Glue sticks!!  Exactly what Riley asked for!!
 Later that day everyone came over for a great dinner and much more fun!